Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Before Justified there was Timothy Olyphant

Look at him, look at him in his Santa hat, scruffy drug dealer look about him. Don't you just want to write a steamy story about him. Now you can write your best short little sexy meet and greet with him in the comments for a chance to win one of Ginger's books, and one of Roxie's books.

Just make it a sexy paragraph, and entertain us. We want to get this blog interactive, and for fuck's sake it has one post on it, so go for it!! Can't wait to read them all.

X Ginger and Roxie x

Monday, January 27, 2014

Chasing Cherries...A Sexy Romp series releases first episode!

Hi everyone! This is Roxie Elms and I can't wait to introduce my new naughty erotica series 'Chasing Cherries'.When writing Chasing Cherries, I wanted to personify Cherry as a sexy vixen who didn’t take no for an answer and who knew exactly what she wanted in men. It may be short, but this erotica will steam up the room and make you all hot and bothered as you follow Cherry on her quest to find the perfect man to fulfil her naughty desires. Are you up for it? Releasing a new episode in A Sexy Romp Series each week, I hope you get to love Cherry and her naughty but sexy antics as she maneuvers the big wide world of sex, love and getting what you want to ultimate satisfaction. I hope you enjoy it, and come back for more next week!

Chasing Cherries
(A Sexy Romp Series)
Roxie Elms

Men were always chasing after Cherry... 

But when she ditches her boring date, she decides to do a little naughty chasing of her own. 

This is a short story series with episodes released every week. 

***WARNING: This book contains strong language and sexual situations.***